Wise: ‘New’ Bristol Brings Back Old Memories

STATESVILLE, N.C. (March 12, 2013) – The track surface of Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway might be relatively new, but racing on it still brings back old memories for Josh Wise. The driver of the No. 35 MDS Transport Ford thinks back to his early-career short-track days whenever he races at the .533-mile oval and always looks forward to the dates at the venue on the Sprint Cup schedule.

Sunday’s Food City 500 will be the young racer’s third Cup race at Bristol. He also has six starts at the track in the Nationwide Series.

Comments from MDS Transport team driver Josh Wise heading to Bristol:

“Bristol is awesome. Last year they tried taking that top lane away and it didn’t really happen, which I think is cool. I love that top lane and racing up there. I know it can get a little strung out up there, but as a driver it’s fun to run up there. The guy who can get his car working the bottom is usually the team or the driver that prevails in that race. So that’s the big challenge, trying to be the guy who gets your car to work down there so you can make those passes.

“It seems like anyone can get rolling up around the top and get decent speed and maintain position. The bottom still isn’t perfect for the best car, it doesn’t seem. But it does seem that the guy who can keep it down there and complete those passes that take three or four laps to patiently make, without slipping up, I think that’s the biggest goal you try to achieve.

“I love short-track racing. I think anyone you ask in the garage will probably say the same thing. We all grew up racing short tracks, and something about it brings back those good old-time memories.”