Ragan Takes Green1 Colors to Sonoma

Statesville, N.C. (6/19/12) – – David Ragan takes the No. 34 Green1 –  High Performance Green Ford to Sonoma for this weekend’s Toyota / SaveMart 350. Ragan is coming off of his 7th top-25 finish of 2012 and holds a career best effort of 24th at the 12 turn road course.

Green1 is headquartered in Laguna Beach, CA and chose to sponsor the No. 34 team at Sonoma due to the track’s Accelerating Sustainable Performance Program.

David Ragan on Sonoma

“The interesting thing about our Sonoma package, is that we don’t even touch 4th gear except for when we qualify.  It is a very challenging racetrack, but also makes for some great racing.  I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of road racing experience, but I’ve learned a lot over the past few years.  Hopefully our team can build upon some of the strong runs we’ve had of late and come away with another good weekend.”

“I’m happy to have Green1 aboard our No. 34 Ford this weekend.  Green1 is a high performance product that our teams use in the race shop every day and in the garage each weekend.  It’s exciting to have an environmentally friendly product on our car at a track that is as committed to environmental sustainability as Sonoma is.”

About Green1

Green1 is a 100% bio-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, green “cleaning” solution. Powerful and tested at the highest levels across all industries with significant merits, Green1 has the certifications and proven results at the highest level. A proprietary colloidal blend of 100% bio-based nano technology, Green1 is safe on any surface, for humans, plants, animals and any body of water. Green1 is an evolution of nature’s ability to clean. It can replace harsh, corrosive, toxic chemicals in virtually any commercial or home environment. Green1 products are not based on traditional chemicals, soaps or detergents but on many years of research & development with micelles and their ability to break down organic molecules & hydrocarbons. In other words, all oils, grease, surface grime and dirty solids.

Green1 is NSF, EPA 8260, Carpet & Rug Industry and OSHA certified. Even acute overexposure to Green1 results in no evidence of adverse effects with respect to skin absorption, contact, ingestion or inhalation. Green1’s MSDS hazard square rating is a perfect zero and there are no restrictions of volume or where it can be used.

Green1 promotes sustainability in a High Performance World, and believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance or efficiency for “environmentally friendly.”

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